All That Glitters.

Welcome to The City of Deadwood. If you’ve come for easy money abandon all hope. If the Claimjumpers, raids from the local natives don’t get you, harsh winters, Infrequent trade shipments, low provisions, hellish summers, scarce medical supplies and care, or a straw bit of lead to the gut will. Some say that which does not kill us makes use stronger, they never tell you about the situations that tear you down every time you get back up. This is the rough and tumble story of getting up when life keeps kicking you in the teeth as a subtle way of telling you to stay down and quit. Not everyone can take a hint.

In the middle of Indian territories people try and scrap out an existance longer enough to make out rich before they end up in a pine box. In a world of lawlessness where might makes right you better hope you have the bigger stick or gun.SP_SB0118.gif

Deadwood: Life in the Black Hills

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