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  • Shot 1: Bartab

    [[:kate | Kate Cassidy]] finds herself between a rock and a dry spell. The City, if it could be called that, of Deadwood is a rough place and the citizens of the area lead a rough life. She finds herself nursing a [[:paul-cartwright | Paul Cartwright]] …

  • Shot 2: Check up or Check out?

    [[:kate | Kate Cassidy]] Finds a young boy by the name of Jimmy the Kid dressed in all black with a red bandana stepping into her bar calling out the Son of Hop Along Cassidy who is suppose to be in town. After be disrespectful a number of time and …

  • Shot 3: Trials and Tribulations

    Paul noticing most of the bar's employees and Miss Kate are out asks Logan where everyone has gone off too. Logan stating she's teaching them how to be more ladylike and the boys are there so they know how to eat and use manners in a refined way. Paul …

  • People

    People of Interest [[Big Al Wilson]] *[[The Wilson Crew]] *[[The Cassidy Gang]] General Store Guy [[Paul McCartney]] People of Notice: [[Jimmy the Kid]] [[Ole Anderson]] [[Arn Anderson]] [[Tully Blanchard]] [[Crystal]] [[Freddie Jackson …

  • Angel

    [[File:433842 | class=media-item-align-center | Angel.jpg]] Angel's family owned a gun repair shop. Since her father had no sons, he had Angel help him out in his gun repair shop as she grew up. She has an extensive knowledge of guns and grew up …

  • Patience

    Patience is a farm girl from Indiana. She worked from "dark to dark" milking cows, gathering eggs and shoveling manure. Patience dreamed of a better life. Patience met Angel when Angel's wagon broke down near their farm. They traveled to Deadwood …

  • The Cassidy Gang

    [[Logan]] [[John Mitchell]] [[Terry]] [[Ken]] [[Angel]] [[Patience]] [[Bunny]] [[Hope]] [[Bridget]] [[Chastity]]

  • Al's Bar

    A place where the drinks are cheap due to being watered down and the expensive stuff might make ya blind before it gets you drunk. Discount on drinks here are sometimes given as an incentive to those who frequent [[Al's Brothel | Al's Brothel]]. Owned …

  • Ken

    [[File:439160 | class=media-item-align-center | imagesNPTZLF9F.jpg]]

  • Terry

    [[File:439161 | class=media-item-align-center | images4HBHZUSL.jpg]]

  • Logan

    [[File:441577 | class=media-item-align-center | Logan.png]]

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