Deadwood: Life in the Black Hills

Shot 2: Check up or Check out?

Kate Cassidy Finds a young boy by the name of Jimmy the Kid dressed in all black with a red bandana stepping into her bar calling out the Son of Hop Along Cassidy who is suppose to be in town. After be disrespectful a number of time and refusing to leave or listen to her since she was ‘just a lady’ Kate got behind the bar and unloaded two shotguns into the boy while a bullet whizzed by her head.

Terry and Ken talk to Kate about doing what they did to Paul again since it was pretty profitable. Meanwhile Paul gets called over to [[Al’s Brothel]] for something by the ever odorous Stinky Eye Pete for his boss Al Wilson. With the rumors prior from Miss Kate a few months back people are a bit skittish to go to the brothel. After Paul realized the girls are there against their will and regularly beaten he opt to go along with Angel’s Idea to get the girls out but not her plan of getting him shot in the head as a hostage possibly.

Although all sixteen get out about half end up getting recaptured since they panicked and ran off in various directions versus Paul tell them to sneak over to the other Bar and try not to be seen. Two end up lost in the wind and six end up sneaking up to the other bar.

Paul knocks on Kate’s office to inquire about if they were in need of a bartender still. When she replied yes he asked if they need more than one… maybe six. Kate goes over the reality of getting six more mouths to feed. Paul counters with the girls having been beaten and forced into their previous line of work regardless of if they wanted to do such things. A job where they kept their clothes on and didn’t touch any men of the cloth named Paul seemed like the right thing to do. Kate grumbled but opted to keep them on, two working as bartenders and four working as waitresses so drinking and paying for drinks ran more smoothly. That’d give the guys working security time to do their job since they weren’t spending most of their time pouring drinks and cleaning mugs.


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