Deadwood: Life in the Black Hills

Shot 4: Evictions and Half Deals

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Shot 3: Trials and Tribulations

Paul noticing most of the bar’s employees and Miss Kate are out asks Logan where everyone has gone off too. Logan stating she’s teaching them how to be more ladylike and the boys are there so they know how to eat and use manners in a refined way. Paul says he’s thankful the man clarified since he reminds Logan on how Miss Kate killed a man the previous week when he was rude to her. A few hours later while assisting at the bar Logan sides up next to Paul motioning at the men who just came in spreading out. Stating they could be trouble and might possibly rob the place Logan went silent before asking Paul what he wanted to do since he had a share in the bar and if the place get wrecked he was out of his share. It was news to Paul but he figured it was the neighborly thing to introduce himself to the one in charge and see if they wanted a drink.

Salutations seemed to be lost on the man since he was mostly here to find out what low down sneaky man actually killed his brother since rumors he was shot down by Miss Kate seemed to just be some lie thought up to make Jimmy the Kid look… well like just a kid. Freddy Jackson the older brother to Jimmy stated his brother’s Tito and Michael were coming to town and for the most part it was a courtesy to let Paul as a man of the cloth and the good people of the town that the Jacksons were going to raze the town and salt the earth and to let Miss Kate know they were gunning for her. Paul commented on the fact that it wasn’t very neighborly to just come into town and declare it the future site of a tumbleweed farm. He was also interested in this ‘Tito’ Jackson since it sounded like a rather unique name. Freddie explained it was Italian on his mother’s side. Paul just mouthed oh before Freddie reminded him that the bible did say to go forth and be ‘fruitful’ and his father was a man that took certain parts of the good book seriously. Paul nodded remarking that indeed a quote from Genesis could be seen that way. With a final warning being in town was going to be mighty hard for the living soon Freddie and his four henchman walking out and Paul went back to cleaning glasses and mentioning to Logan that could have probably gone better.

Paul probably got about two glasses cleaned before the sound of glass shattering out front could be heard, with a grumble and slapping down his rag he went out front. It was Freddie’s gang, they weren’t tossing rocks at the windows like Paul had thought, they were tossing glass bottles of kersen at the bar. Freddie explained that as the location his brother was murdered the place needed to be lite a blaze to honor him. Paul took off his hat and wondered aloud if Jimmy had Scandenaian heritage which just seemed to rile up Freddie more since he said all the people inside plus the bar were going up. Out of respect for Paul being a man of the cloth he gave him the option of either being shot outright or going back inside and burn.

Paul sighed and put his hat back on, closing the front doors to the bar Paul stayed outside, he reminded Freddie most people assumed men of the cloth often were quick to turn the other cheek in this situation if Paul did it wouldn’t be his cheek that was being turned. He also reminded Freddie that God was a forgiving God just as much as he was a vengeful one. Paul would want to resolve the dispute peacefully but since Freddie stated he was going to smoke a cigar while he boys finished up and then set the place ablaze Paul gave him a counter offer after he prayed, to see if his threat of violence and destruction was stronger than Paul’s faith. If he really wanted to try and burn down the bar he could try. If it was meant to be it was meant to be though. But if it didn’t burn maybe it was because God didn’t want it to burn. Freddie’s men laughed as well as Freddie himself as they backed away and he flicked his cigar into a puddle of kersene. When the fire didn’t spread eveyrone stopped laughing after a few seconds and things got quiet. All eyes from inside were shoved up against the windows since Paul had offered to let the bar and it’s patrons burn.

Asking for a time out Paul went over and checked the cigar puffing on it to make sure it still had embers in it. After coughing for a bit since he didn’t smoke he got a puff of smoke and restuck the cigar to the kerosene and moved it around a bit before coming back and shrugging on the front steps looking at Freddie in the street with his surprised men before putting out the cigar.

Freddie declared Paul wasn’t a man of God but he was probably working with the Devil and everyone knows the Devil can control fire. Paul remarked that was a pretty good counter arguement if he wasn’t actually a man of God. He did remind Freddie that the flaw in the logic would mean everyone inside the bar was living a good life and walking the straight and narrow and by working for the Devil he just prevented a lot of people form going to Heaven. He also reminded him he was a man of the cloth not naive or stupid. If the people inside were going to burn it was going to be in the future and from fires a lot hotter than a few bottles of keresene and a cigar. Freddie had left his message and Paul though it the welcome and hospitality had been warn down enough. He could come back again Paul told him and they’ll leave the light on for him. Paul muttered that would be a good slogan for the church when it was built.

Paul explained he wasn’t really a man that got pushy but he prayed summoning up a small twister that grew rapidly in size picking up dirt and debris, tossing the remains of the kersene bottles and cigar into the windstorm as it kicked up spead gave it a bright feiry ripple effect as the tornado danced down the street with fire lashing out at time chasing Freddie and his men out of town. Which in truth wasn’t that far. Seeing Al Wilson on his bar’s porch Paul tipped his hat, reminding him church services were on Sunday Paul went back inside whistling ‘This little light of mine". Everyone paid their tab that night after seeing what had happened at Kate’s bar.

Meanwhile Kate and her crew were actually not out leaning and practicing manners but planning out a robbery on the highway. With the ladies out in the open with what looked like a broken wagon dressed in nun outfits that most of the girls remarked on showed a lot more than just a bit of neck and ankle to make them quite revealing even for ladies that weren’t nuns the supply wagons stopped with two of the hired guns coming over to investigate. Explaining they were broke down and needed help distracted most of the men before the attack happened. After the wheel was fixed and two of the hired guns admired their work Kate’s shotguns let everyone know it was time for the hold up. With one of the girls stabbing a man up through his lower jaw into his brain another shot a scrambling driver. Patience unloaded her shotgun on a guy almost dead. With most of the girls attacking or having killed someone in six seconds Kate turned to see one of the hired guns heavily wounded with his gun out, the lone living driven taking off with a knife in his shoulder screaming and two hired guns on horseback drawing their weapons.

Kate let the boy know it was time for them to shoot since it had been ladies first or they were just slow.

Shot 2: Check up or Check out?

Kate Cassidy Finds a young boy by the name of Jimmy the Kid dressed in all black with a red bandana stepping into her bar calling out the Son of Hop Along Cassidy who is suppose to be in town. After be disrespectful a number of time and refusing to leave or listen to her since she was ‘just a lady’ Kate got behind the bar and unloaded two shotguns into the boy while a bullet whizzed by her head.

Terry and Ken talk to Kate about doing what they did to Paul again since it was pretty profitable. Meanwhile Paul gets called over to [[Al’s Brothel]] for something by the ever odorous Stinky Eye Pete for his boss Al Wilson. With the rumors prior from Miss Kate a few months back people are a bit skittish to go to the brothel. After Paul realized the girls are there against their will and regularly beaten he opt to go along with Angel’s Idea to get the girls out but not her plan of getting him shot in the head as a hostage possibly.

Although all sixteen get out about half end up getting recaptured since they panicked and ran off in various directions versus Paul tell them to sneak over to the other Bar and try not to be seen. Two end up lost in the wind and six end up sneaking up to the other bar.

Paul knocks on Kate’s office to inquire about if they were in need of a bartender still. When she replied yes he asked if they need more than one… maybe six. Kate goes over the reality of getting six more mouths to feed. Paul counters with the girls having been beaten and forced into their previous line of work regardless of if they wanted to do such things. A job where they kept their clothes on and didn’t touch any men of the cloth named Paul seemed like the right thing to do. Kate grumbled but opted to keep them on, two working as bartenders and four working as waitresses so drinking and paying for drinks ran more smoothly. That’d give the guys working security time to do their job since they weren’t spending most of their time pouring drinks and cleaning mugs.

Shot 1: Bartab
A bar owner and a man of a cloth are in a bar

Kate Cassidy finds herself between a rock and a dry spell. The City, if it could be called that, of Deadwood is a rough place and the citizens of the area lead a rough life. She finds herself nursing a Paul Cartwright back to health who comes too screaming and looking around confused since he was knocked unconscious and robbed. Talk of smelling blueberries and wondering what was going on Kate explains as best she could what happened and asked if he needed a place to stay. Since Paul had a pair of boots, a hat, shirt and pants left after being robbed he figured having a place to stay might be a good idea.

Kate’s employees call her away while Paul get’s use to being upright without falling over and getting dressed. They’re curious on what Kate wants to do with the money they robbed off of Paul since she does have debt piled up and they hadn’t been paid for some time. Kate makes the decision to pay off her debts for now and doesn’t have time to figure out what to do with the rest since a commotion starts downstairs. Logan has two men by the collar tossing one to Terry so he can get a hook on the one wiggling around the most. The two hadn’t paid for their drinks and had attempted to just bolt before Logan snagged them he explained to Kate as she came down. Two more were attempting to grab a bottle from behind the bar in the commotion not seeing Kate, or her shotgun leveled at the newer drink and run patron’s barrel. The commotion settled down when the boom and flame from the shotgun exploded shattering the barrel and pelting one of the thief’s legs turning them into mostly what looked like ground hamburger. The other thief dropped to the floor the other screaming about getting his legs blown off (Not really but most of them were).

Terry’s prisoner bolted wondering what would happen to him considering what he had done as Terry pointed and laughed at the sorry soul. Logan made a grab but couldn’t hold onto a wiggling thief and snag the other before they got out the front. Knocking the runner out got Logan free but he like Terry was curious on what to do… much like the other 16 patrons to the bar considering the antics.

In the silence Kate reminded people drinks weren’t free and for the men to drink up since their sorrows won’t drown themselves. By now Paul stumbled down stairs wondering what was going on to see a man almost dead whimpering and shaking. Due to the loss of blood Paul did what any confused man of the cloth would do, convert the non believers and perform a small miracle. Paul was upfront with the man, it didn’t look good. If things didn’t come around the man by the name of John Smith, which he explained was fake, would be meeting his maker. John knew he had a lot of nicks on the what not to do list. He believed in God he explained and he didn’t want to die. Paul laid hands on the man and healed his legs. This got John up hoping and dancing with new found thankfulness for having two working legs. Paul reminded him that although his body was healed his britches hadn’t been and he might want to keep his back to the wall possibly find a new pair of pants or at least get creative with his hat. He’d expect to hear back from him on Sunday since Paul would hold a sermon. The man didn’t care it seemed and started to tell the story as he left to everyone of how he was about to die and how the ‘Preacha man’ put his hands all over his butt and healed him.

Paul’s eyes enlarged and yelled outside he wasn’t touching the man’s rear as much as the story seemed to imply. Scratching his head he muttered of any word of a priest and church in the area was good. Remembering Paul asked Kate if it was fine to hold a service in the bar… since he assumed she was closed Sunday.

As someone busted in and told everyone the other bar in town had drinks half price people started letting out yells and got up to leave. Kate reminded them that her competition watered down his drinks plus it might make you go blind before it made you drunk. Plus her establishment was ‘disease free’ getting some of the men sitting back down while others waved a hand to leave. Those leave wear reminded to pay by Kate as she pat the shotgun in her lap. At the end of the day Kate was thinking. She had four employees plus a man that needed to work off his drinks. She stated she might have to put him behind the bar. Logan couldn’t bartend and chase down everyone drink and runner it seemed. Paul reminded her it might be an idea to err on the side of prudence since making a man known for stealing drinks to be a bartender might cost more than it would make. Terry and Lenny seemed out for Kate since they had gotten into a wrestling match. Asking John Mitchum got her an answer and solution of sorts. He’d bartend for the next week. It would only cost Kate $50. With Paul asked to do the books she had to figure out how to boost her sales considering what her competition was doing, getting the bar going was slowing down her other side projects it seemed. Paul offering to help on how to run a business seemed like a silver lining to the cloud of trouble over her place until he explained except when it came to Alcohol. He wasn’t about to advice anyone on how to slowly kill and condemn each soul to hell one drink at a time since he didn’t think it was right.


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